French lessons via Skype -
 Coaching to improve your writing in French - Video course sent by email "Learn French exploring French culture"

French courses
 via Skype
Coaching of your French writing

Learn French using Skype and its chat.  It's "à la minute".

“I highly recommend Jean-Robert as a French teacher. His methods are fantastic and his dedication to inspiring you to want to improve your grammar and speaking abilities are without doubt exceptional. Lessons via Skype really take the hassle out of everything and he is always free to speak to you by email at any time. I think what makes Jean-Robert stand out from the others is that he truly has a passion for the French language and will do what it takes to motivate you to improve. Also his multicultural and well-travelled background leads to endless fascinating conversations that you forget you’re actually learning in the process.” Posted on Linkedin, July 17, 2014

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert

Shane Richard McSweeney (client)
hired Jean-Robert as a French Teacher in 2003

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Learn French via Skype with an experienced and recommended native French tutor

               Watch my video about my French lessons using Skype  (2'38")
For your French classes, take only the time you have,
the time you are really prepared for.

One-to-one French lessons over Skype - Pay per minute

You don't have one hour a week left in your agenda ?
Here are the French lessons via Skype "à la minute"

You want to learn French, to speak French but you cant' find an hour a week in your agenda to have just one French class a week...
And there is the time to go to the nearest Alliance française - if there is any.

Pay a private French tutor to come to your home or to your office is too expensive.
Why not trying my Online French tutoring via Skype that you pay per minute ?
You may take your private French lesson from your home tablet, your office computer or from anywhere with your smartphone.
You don't waste time going to a school. You don't pay the teacher's transportation time.  You save time and money.
But you still don't have this one hour required by all the online French schools and French teachers...
Your agenda is always changing and you don't want to pay the lessons the schools charge because you didn't cancel it 24 or even sometimes 48 hours before...

So let's forget the idea that a French lesson must last 60 minutes.
Let's forget all the rules and fines...
Your French learning experience must be not only interesting, motivating, pleasant and efficient but also simple and easy.  "Sans stress"...

I offer you Skype French classes "à la minute".
You will just pay the minutes you have, the minutes you are prepared for.
You are unprepared, preoccupied, tired, stressed, sick... An unexpected and important phone call comes along...  Someone is knocking at your door...  We put our French class on hold.  We stop.  No stress...
You agenda is overloaded, your agenda simply changed...  No stress...  An email, a sms (if you can)... or you don't even connect and it is cancelled - free of charge.
You will not pay for the time you don't have, for the time your are not really there for.
The time we will have together will be quality time, efficient time, value for money time.

French classes by Skype means for me to offer you TOTAL FLEXIBILITY

in terms of :

- days (7/7, 365/365)
- hours (from 6:00 AM to 2:00 AM, Paris time)
- frequency (No set frequency : once, twice, three... times a week, a month.  When you want, when you can.)
- cancellation (Last minute cancellation free ! )
- last minute booking !
- format (No set duration, it's totally "à la minute")
- billing (Pay per minute) - 0.8 euro/minute (about 0,99 US$/minute) for private individuals
- program ("à la carte" : conversation class, reading, pronunciation, grammar, exercises, writing (thanks to the chat), etc.)
--- --- ---
- the first trial lesson is free


French lessons via Skype "à l'heure"

Your agenda does not require such an hyperflexibility ?
Here is a the French class in its classical frequency and format.

30 euros / hour - about 37 US$

for private individuals

Set frequency : weekly
Lessons billed if cancelled less than 24 hours before
The first try lesson is free



You speak, you speak, you speak !

I ask questions, I help you to keep on speaking...

I correct with the chat and/or orally but without interrupting you !

The goal : to build your self confidence and autonomy.

At the end of each French class, you will have a written trace of the lesson that you will be able to review quietly later.