Examples of resources I would recommend to learn French

Between classes, I like to suggest a lot of resources to my clients that I think that they will find interesting, useful or beautiful : articles, videos, podcasts, etc. I like to know them better to tailor my suggestions to their needs and tastes.

I used to send them by email but now my clients like to receive them by WhatsApp or FB Messenger. Their formats depend on the time they have. For a few years now, most of my clients don't have the time - that's why they take tailor-made online courses - so I choose documents that only take a few minutes to complete. If they are longer, I edit them or I highlight a short extract.

But here are some more general resources :

Page en (re)construction...


Actualité :

Vidéos avec sous-titres sur le film :

Séries et films français sous-titrés :

Littérature :

Des auteurs d'aujourd'hui comme Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt, François Lelord, Annie Ernaux...

Livres audio, lectures :

Adaptations :

J'aime les adaptations... L'apprentissage d'une langue, c'est aussi la répétition. On vit une époque formidable, une époque où un livre peut être adapté en pièce de théâtre, en film, en adaptation radio, en bande dessinée... Des auteurs comme Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt, Georges Simenon, Amélie Nothomb...

Poésie :

Culture linguistique :

Facebook !

I would recommend to follow some pages on FB for its strengh of proposal, to keep you tempted to read or listen in French. "Le français de nos régions", "Neo", "Culture prime", "Brut", "Courrier international", etc. are on FB. You can also follow the pages "French Minute" and "Jean-Robert Lebrun". I follow plenty of pages fo feed me with interesting stuffs : "France Culture", "INA"...

Mes pages FB et mon blog Blogger :