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 Coaching to improve your writing in French - Video course sent by email "Learn French exploring French culture"

French courses
 via Skype
Coaching of your French writing

“Jean-Robert taught me French from 2000 to 2004. During that time he took me from an almost total novice to being very comfortable with all aspects of the language. Starting French in my early 40's was a daunting challenge. I can honestly say that it was Jean-Robert who played a key role in my good progress. He's dedicated and always made the lessons very interesting. His creativity and teaching skills meant that each lesson helped increase the appetite for more knowledge. He was incredibly patient with my busy and ever changing work schedule for which I will always be grateful. The skill he brought out in me has added unimaginable value to my life. I can thoroughly recommend him.” posted on LinkedIn February 3, 2012

Top qualities: Personable, Expert, On Time

1st Patrick Lynch
hired Jean-Robert as a French Language Tuition in 2000, and hired Jean-Robert more than once

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French lessons via
Skype/Zoom/Teams - "classical"

54 euros / hour   (0.9 euro/minute)                                      ( [ January 1st 2023)                            
for a minimum of an average 60 minutes a week
for more flexibility, see below       

(+/- 0.96 US$/minute)

(If the transfer expenses are on me : + 4%)

Lesson billed if cancelled less than 24 hours before.

The first trial lesson is free.
A 0.10 euro/minute discount will be applied for each new client you will bring me.

Change euro > other currency :

Hyperflexible French lessons via Skype/Zoom/Teams "à la minute"

You take and pay just the minutes you need for your French tutoring and nothing more !

1.50 euro/minute                                                             ([ January 1st 2023)

about 1.61 US$/minute

(If the transfer expenses are on me (cf. PayPal), + 4%)

Adapt the lesson to the time you really have.

Don't pay more than what you have had time to prepare for.

Go on with your French even with overloaded and ever changing schedules !

The first trial session is free.

(Very) Last minute cancellation : yes (no fine)

Being late for the connection : yes (no fine)

No set frequency

(Very) Last minute booking: yes (no fine)

No stress.

A 0.20 euro/minute discount will be applied for each new client you will bring me.

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Distance courses sent by email French Minute Language & Culture :

“I can strongly recommend the ”French Minute”, written and edited by Jean-Robert LEBRUN. The approach of, on an easy-going way, learning not only the particularities of the French language but also at the same time get acquainted with very different French subjects, culture, music and not at least French thinking is both enriching and quite amusing. I thought that my knowledge of French and France after years of studies at University was quite good. However after having read “French Minute” I realise how much I missed. Try it yourself and you will see!!” Posted on LinkedIn November 28, 2013

Top qualities: Great Results, Good Value, Creative

Lars Jörgen MAGNUSSON (client)

hired Jean-Robert as a French teacher in 2013, and hired Jean-Robert more than once

Each issue of French Minute represents, depending on your level, between 30 and 60 minutes of activities.

French Minute Language & Culture (for adults or for teenagers) costs :

15 euros per issue (about 16 US$ per issue)
25 issues  : 375 euros (about 402 US$) for 6 months with 1 issue a week / for 3 months of activities with 2 issues a week
50 issues  : 750 euros (about 804 US$) for 1 year with 1 issue a week / for 6 months of activities with 2 issues a week
Frenchminute Language & Culture for teenaagers consists of 30 issues and costs 450 euros (about 482 US$).
Special prices for groups.
Payment by bank transfert, non-refundable

The formula is very flexible :
- temporary interruption at any time (by example during holidays without Internet, week very loaded with work, etc.)
- 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 issues a week/month

French Minute Language & Culture for adults :

French Minute Language and Culture Mosaic represents up to 150 issues.  (see one example in the section "Frenchminute Courses")
You review your French grammar, you develop your listening skills, you gain vocabulary and idiomatic expressions, you master the cultural references of the real French conversations by watching and listenening videos.

Each issue requires, according to you level, between 25 et 60... minutes which means, with the issue costing 15 euros, a very small price
for this unique approach that is motivating, innovative and flexible, just a click away from your computer, your tablet or your smartphone from your home, your office or your train/bus/sofa.

I have a preference for the formula French Minute "Mosaic" that mixes explorations of the French popular culture (songs, humour, cinema, literature...) but you can chose to specialize and to choose one of these formulas :

25 or 50 French Minute Songs
25 or 50 French Minute Humour
25 or 50 French Minute Cinema & Literature


French Minute Language & Culture for teenagers :

Same philosophy as for FM Language & Culture but with a special selection of themes and songs, sketches, movies, novels... that adolescents enjoy.

Coaching to improve your French and your French writing skills :

You listen to a video.

You read my comments, reflexions, questions...

You choose one of the angles that speaks to you.

You write.

I correct, explain, comment and advice.

To work on your written French regularly, the most difficult thing is, from experience, to find subjects on which to write.

French Minute Coaching is a fantastic way to easily write and to take a rhythm.

There is a song, a sketch or another audiovisual document on which to react but to help you write I propose an introduction with a variety of questions/reflexions giving you angles on which to react.

PACKAGE "Language & Culture" - 4 issues a month of French Minute Language & Culture (in its full version) (60 euros/month) - see one example in the section "Frenchminute courses") + 4 corrections-coachings (0.9 euro/minute) of your written French (second introduction with multiple angles and questions, corrections, comments, advices)

PACKAGE "Language & Culture" (short version : video and transcription) (free- 4 emails a month with videos taken from French Minute Language & Culture, multiple angles and questions + 4 corrections-coachings (0.9 euro/minute) of your written French (corrections, comments, advices)

Or email a document (audio, video, text) in the target speciality with a specific introduction (free) with multiple angles to react to and questions to answer to to ease the writing process + 4 corrections-coachings (0.9 euro/minute) of  your written French (corrections, comments, advices)

From experience, a 2-3 month coaching with an average written production of 350 words a week is enough to improve dramatically your French.


Correction-coaching of your documents :

0.9 euro/minute

about 0.96 US$/minute 

Change euro > other currency :

Spelling, turns of phrase, style, punctuation...  I correct a document that you submit to me, I explain, I comment, I advice.
You learn from your mistakes because you understand them and because you develop your attention to them and your autocorrection skills.


Payment by bank transfert, non-refundable

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