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French Minute distance courses are designed for people genuinely willing to learn and practice French but unable to find one single hour a week in their overloaded agenda to do so.

French Minute is designed to make it possible by simplifying all the processes using technology, great conception and service oriented spirit so that you just have to concentrate on practice with just the time you really have.

French Minute is totally "à la carte", "à la minute", hyperflexible... so that French learning is accessible again for you with just a few minutes here and there without compromises on quality and efficiency.

French Minute is using emails and Skype so that you can decide when and how much time you can dedicate to your French.

All the language competences are covered by the courses I offer (oral and written expression and communication) with a special focus on non-linguistic communication (cultural references, visual communication, etc.)

French Minute has the goal to make the French experience easy, fun and interesting, betting on flexibility and service to install an enthusiasm, a pleasure and so a long run routine and rhythm for lasting results.

A few minutes but as many times as possible.

A few minutes but minutes with purposes, real French.