French lessons via Skype/Zoom/Teams -
 Coaching to improve your writing in French - Video course sent by email "Learn French exploring French culture"

French courses
 via Skype
Coaching of your French writing

French lessons via Skype la minute" -  "à l'heure"
Coaching method to improve your French by working on your writing skills -
French courses sent by email to learn French watching videos illustrating the French culture
(songs, extracts of movies, sketches, readings of poems, novels, etc.)

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My name is Jean-Robert and I have been a French teacher for 29 years.

I have taught linguistics, literature and French as a foreign language in higher schools and universities.

Between 2000 and 2012, I worked as freelance teacher in Brussels where I specialized in one-to-one courses.

I taught a wide range of professional people including business lawyers, lobbyists, Members of the European Parliament, Commissioners, Directors-General, European civil servants, interpreters...

Lately, the professional lives of my clients accelerated to the point where finding a regular time for a serious and effective learning process became difficult to maintain.

To meet this challenge I designed a comprehensive distant learning program for French based on hyperflexibility, conviviality, pleasure and interest, that allows my overloaded clients to continue with learning and developing their French skills. 

I offer :

French courses via SKYPE/Zoom/Teams "à la minute" (hyperflexible) or "à l'heure"

French courses sent by email called French Minute Language & Culture

-  a package for improving your French by coaching your written French

Written and oral comprehension and expression, grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, exercises, cultural references.

All this is covered with French Minute.

I called my French courses sent by email FRENCH MINUTE because they just take a few minutes of your time.
All are designed to be easily accessible, in a fun, easy and fast way.
French Minute motto : concision - precision - flexibility - pleasure - interest - enthusiasm... seriousness, efficiency and generosity.

They are two French Minute email courses :
- French Minute Language & Culture
- French Minute Language & Culture for teenagers