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French Minute Language and Culture Course

French Minute Language and Culture is a French course sent by email that allows you to learn French while visiting the French popular culture

In each issue of my email based course French Minute Language and Culture, you will find :

- short audiovisual documents that explore the entire French popular culture
  through extracts of its cult materpieces (songs, sketches, movies, novels...)
- exact transcripts of the lyrics/texts/sketches/dialogues...
- explanations about French grammar, vocabulary, context...
- short rubrics about French grammar, vocabulary, idiomatic expressions...

You will explore with each issue the cultural references that are shared by all the French and all the French speaking people.

To speak a language is not just to use words, structures, tenses...
it is to understand and use all the veiled references that the French share and exchange.

French Minute Language and Culture will give you the keys of this secret code.

French Minute Language and Culture, it's, in its full version150 emails, that are sent once/twice/3-4... times a week/month,
covering all the French popular culture, all the French language and, little by little, all the French grammar.